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A visit to the Swabian town of Günzburg on the beautiful Danube is worthwhile at any time of year. Besides various events on the historical market place there is of course more to see. We have listed some examples of individual leisure activities for you here:


Legoland Günzburg


LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort is an amusement park for families with children aged between two and 12. The LEGOLAND park can be easily reached in 8 minutes by car from the hotel. LEGOLAND Deutschland is one of the largest and one of the most famous and popular amusement parks in Germany. The theme park offers a unique experience for adults and children with over 50 attractions.

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The old town of Günzburg and the market place

Old town Günzburg & marketplace

The meeting place for guests and Günzburger, today as in the past, when the postal route Vienna – Paris crossed the market place. On the 250 meters up to the Lower Gate the pulse beat can be clearly felt. Especially in the summer months the square has a magical attraction: then it turns into the longest street café in Swabia and the old town becomes an open-air stage during the summer of culture at the most diverse events. Since 1395, one of the oldest weekly markets in the region has been held here every Tuesday. The market is still of great importance for Günzburger and many guests from near and far.

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Water – Danube and Günz living connection

Danube Trekking Path

At 2845 kilometres, the Danube is the second longest river in Europe after the Volga. From its source in Donaueschingen to Passau or even against the current, countless cyclists ride the popular Danube cycle path in the summer months. On a side trip to the old town of Günzburg you can enjoy culture and recharge your batteries in numerous restaurants. The river valley cycle paths along the rivers Günz, Kammel and Mindel with their cross connections invite you to take a cycle tour in the surroundings of Günzburg. Not only cyclists get their money’s worth here. Where the Günz flows into the Danube, there is one of the most beautiful nature trails for canoe slalom in Bavaria. Numerous lakes in the Swabian Donaumoos promise lots of swimming fun in the summer months. Brave ones can also get on a wakeboard or water ski here.

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A piece of history

The Museum of Local History in Günzburg

The building was constructed between 1755 and 1757 and was used as a schoolhouse until 1978. 1982 wurde es zum Heimatmuseum umgestaltet. Das Museum verfügt über 14 Ausstellungsräume mit einer Gesamtfläche von 620 qm. Neben der vorgeschichtlichen Archäologie werden Stadtgeschichte, Gemälde und sakrale Plastik ab 1500, Mobiliar, Volkskunde und eine mineralogisch-paläontologische Sammlung (Wetzler-Sammlung) präsentiert. The showpiece of a room dedicated to the 18th century is a 16 square meter stucco ceiling from the early 18th century that was transferred here from a demolished building.
A separate exhibition room is dedicated to the House of Habsburg, and not only the youngest visitors to the museum will be delighted by a collection of toys from around 1900. In addition, there are two fully furnished Biedermeier rooms and an exhibition room presenting the 4000-year-old settlement of the Reisensburg castle hill.

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Image source: City of Günzburg homepage


Image source: altstadtfreunde-guenzburg.de

The Günzburg landmark

The city tower

Swabian conviviality meets Bavarian tradition every Tuesday in the city’s landmark. On the sixth floor, the tower ladies of the Altstadtfreunde serve veal sausages, pretzels and cool drinks in the Türmerstube. From up here, you can enjoy a wonderful view across the Donaumoos to the Alps.

Opening hours:
Every Tuesday: 10 – 14 Uhr
Every 1st Sunday of the month from 2 – 5 pm

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A fascinating rococo jewel

The Frauenkirche

If you visit Günzburg, this church is a must-see. If you escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a moment and immerse yourself in the world of rococo, you will be captivated by the masterpiece of the famous architect Dominikus Zimmermann.

Opening hours:
Daily from 9 a.m. until dusk.

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Image source: fv-frauenkirche-gz.de


Photo: Philipp Röger for the town of Günzburg

A separate gate just for cows.

The Günzburg cow tower

The name is related to the following: many agrarian citizens lived in the upper town, i.e. they owned fields and meadows outside the walls and kept various livestock, mostly in the rear buildings.

Three shepherds, one each for cows, pigs and geese, drove the animals together every morning and through this gate and down the adjoining hill (too steep for wagon traffic) to the Günzwiesen meadows to graze.

The Association for the Care of Customs (Verein zur Pflege des Brauchtums) has restored the interior of the cow shed to its former glory through years of work by its members; the town of Günzburg dipped into its pockets to renovate the exterior.

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A long shadow

Nazi war criminals memorial

Designed by students 2004/05 from the 10th grade of the Günzburger Dossenberger-Gymnasium in cooperation with the basic art course, K 12, of the Maria-Ward-Gymnasium.

The notorious Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele came from a family of Günzburg factory owners and still casts a shadow over the town today. The memorial is a text plaque around which individual eyes and pairs of eyes are grouped. The individual eyes and pairs of eyes were modeled in clay by high school students and fired after drying in the air. The memorial was unveiled on March 8, 2005.

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Photo: Anja Hauke/ City of Günzburg



Culture and conference center

Forum am Hofgarten

Let yourself be carried away by the wide range of events on offer and experience concerts, comedy, musicals, dance events and much more. Modern rooms can also be made available for conference guests or trade fair organizers. The large and functional halls are also perfect for weddings, school proms and large birthday parties.

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Young explorers on the road

City rally through Günzburg

Become a certified Old Town detective!

What is the name of the church with the two towers on the Schlossplatz? What is the name of Günzburg’s French twin town? What can you see on the manhole covers in the town?

These and ten other questions await the young explorers who discover the exciting history of Günzburg during the city rally. This game with the subtitle “Young explorers on the move” takes young Günzburg visitors (not school classes) to numerous sights on and around the market square and turns every tour of the town into an exciting adventure.

Tip: When you have answered all the questions, collect your reward from the Tourist Information Office on Schloßplatz.

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Image source: guenzburg-tourismus.de