Marktplatzansicht in Günzburg | View over Marketplace in Günzburg
Schweinchenbrunnen in Günzburg

Leisure Activities

Activities & Leisure

A visit to the Swabian town of Günzburg on the beautiful Danube is worthwhile at any time of year. Besides various events on the historical market place there is of course more to see. We have listed some examples of individual leisure activities for you here:

LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort | Legoland Germany Resort

Legoland Günzburg

LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort is an amusement park for families with children aged between two and 12. The LEGOLAND park can be easily reached in 8 minutes by car from the hotel. LEGOLAND Deutschland is one of the largest and one of the most famous and popular amusement parks in Germany. The theme park offers a unique experience for adults and children with over 50 attractions.

The old town of Günzburg and the market place

The meeting place for guests and Günzburger, today as in the past, when the postal route Vienna – Paris crossed the market place. On the 250 meters up to the Lower Gate the pulse beat can be clearly felt. Especially in the summer months the square has a magical attraction: then it turns into the longest street café in Swabia and the old town becomes an open-air stage during the summer of culture at the most diverse events. Since 1395, one of the oldest weekly markets in the region has been held here every Tuesday. The market is still of great importance for Günzburger and many guests from near and far.

Marktplatzansicht in Günzburg | View over Marketplace in Günzburg
Donau und Günz lebendige Verbindung | Danube and Günz living connection

©Katja Fouad-Vollmer 

Water – Danube and Günz living connection

At 2845 kilometres, the Danube is the second longest river in Europe after the Volga. From its source in Donaueschingen to Passau or even against the current, countless cyclists ride the popular Danube cycle path in the summer months. On a side trip to the old town of Günzburg you can enjoy culture and recharge your batteries in numerous restaurants. The river valley cycle paths along the rivers Günz, Kammel and Mindel with their cross connections invite you to take a cycle tour in the surroundings of Günzburg. Not only cyclists get their money’s worth here. Where the Günz flows into the Danube, there is one of the most beautiful nature trails for canoe slalom in Bavaria. Numerous lakes in the Swabian Donaumoos promise lots of swimming fun in the summer months. Brave ones can also get on a wakeboard or water ski here.